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Why Your Page Isn’t Being Reached

Small businesses that want to be known to people turn to creating a website so that people will find them easily. If you are a small business you should understand seo or search engine optimization. In order to understand how to create a site that will be known to people some people turn to search engine optimization firms. Firms will be able to help you when it comes to your page not being reached. There are several reasons as to why a page may not be seen.

The first reason may be because of submission-required forms. If your site requires people to create a login and password in order to access your page then search engines may not be seeing those pages. If you are using Javascript for links then that is another reason as to why you may be seen invisible to search engines. Instead try switching over to standard HTML links which will be easier for search engines to crawl to your page. Frames or I-frames will also limit you from being seen by search engines. If you are using both structural frames and I-frames then this will limit search engines to see you. Search boxes may seem like a good idea to have on your site but unfortunately spiders do not search to find pages. Therefore if you have a search box in your site then your pages will be hidden and not seen. Another reason why your page may not being reached is if you have too many links on one page. It may seem like a good idea to have a lot of keywords and links on a page but that will only cause search engines not to see your page. There are search engine optimization consultants that will work with you in order to figure out what keywords to use and where. Remember, when it comes to your site you want to be seen so stay away from these mistakes and you’ll have no problem in people finding your site.

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