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Guideline to a Readable URL

When it comes to your site URL structures hold a great value to your site because they appear in more than one place. The locations of your URL structure are either displayed in search engine results or in the web browser’s address bar. URLs are also involved in ranking documents and when your page has keywords that have relevance to your page then that page will benefit. A small business and seo or search engine optimization are both intertwined with URLs and how it affects their search results.

A URL should be accurate and convey to people what they should be looking forward to on your site. Your URL should be descriptive on what your site is about but without every detail describing your site. The length of your URL should be short so that it is easier for people to share as well as show up in search results so it does not get cut off. Keywords are also important in your URL but try not to use a lot of keywords because it will result in your URL not being able to be used and may cause spam. URLs are at their best when there are not a lot of numbers or symbols being used. The easier for people to read the URL the better it is for robots and people. Separating words can be done by using hyphens “-” because it is easier for people to read and some web applications may not be able to interpret other ways of separating words.

Social media for companies is a great way for branding but without a good URL it will be difficult to reach out to people. Search engines are always looking at your keywords, description and URL as well. Constructing the right URL takes a little bit of thinking and consideration of what you want to portray to people. Social media for seo are always looking for a good URL that can be read easily. Imagine that you are a user that has browsed around and has seen your URL, if you can easily understand and predict what content will be on your site then it you will have a good URL.

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