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Search Engines: Bringing the Right Answers for People

When a person is searching for something online, it is the role of the search engine to provide the correct link to what that the person is looking for. Search engines go through billions of pages on the internet to come up with the right results. The results should be relevant and practical as well as having the results ranked from most useful to least useful.

Before search engines evolved into what they are today, it was very difficult for a searcher’s query to find what they were looking for. Nowadays it is much easier due to the fact of smart engineers who have found ways for results to appear that searchers have much more of appreciation for. For a business, web development is an important aspect of marketing and provides a look into what searchers are looking for to help to attract them to your website. The question remains however on what the factors are that determine what searchers will have the most appreciation for. The answer is simple, popularity. A site, document, or page that receives the most traffic is usually the one that search engines find to have the most valuable information. By bringing up pages that have the most popularity has thus far worked with users’. Social media for seo has become very popular which is a big reason as to why businesses now look to search engines and sites like Facebook as a way to reach people. It is through metrics that search engines are able to determine the popularity of a site or page. Search engines use a mathematical equation - algorithms - to decide the ranking of sites or pages. Algorithms have hundreds of components and are known as “ranking factors” in the search marketing field. Social media for companies is a great way to reach the right people at a fast pace. Search engines help companies bring people the right answers that they are looking. In order to rank highly it is important to remember to use the correct keywords that search engines look for. It is through relevance and importance that help the process of SEO and searcher’s query.

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