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Meta Description: Attracting People to Your Site

Once a page is up and running on the internet there is always a meta description which are HTML attributes which is a small description on the content of your web page. Search engines use these meta description for when your page shows up on their result page as a small preview for people to read. The description is no longer than about 155 words and are an important way for people to be attracted to your site.

The meta description should be relevant to your page but also unique because of the numerous sites that are out there on the web today. You want your description to pop out and grab people’s attention. To take into consideration would be to avoid creating the same meta tag description tags. When it comes to people wanting to click onto your site it should pop out and not the same as others or be a duplicate of something that you already have. Some companies turn to firms who can help them write a good description that will pop out. Firms that work with search engine optimization can give you rates on the different prices they have to help you succeed. A search engine optimization cost may vary so you may be given a search engine optimization quote for pricing. It is not required to have a meta description but if you want users to click on your page then it should be taken into consideration to have one.

Once before meta keywords use to have a great value but now it does not have the same value as before. Meta robots tag are used for search engine spider activity. Index/no index will let an engine know whether a page should be crawled. Pages for the most part all have a “follow” attribute so that engines will not disregard your page for discovery and ranking purposes. Meta description and meta robots tag are all apart of the online world and how your page will show to viewers and search engines.

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