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Google Is Now Outsourcing AdWords Management

Google is Now Outsourcing AdWords Management

Just this past month, Google started outsourcing some of its AdWords account management. Anyone who uses AdWords should be concerned, because up to now, Google has handled AdWords management by in-house reps that marketers could actually talk to. Now, however, these new outsourcers are calling and emailing clients with a lot of misinformation.

So what exactly is going on here?

These outsourcers hired by Google are reaching out to AdWords account owners who haven’t changed to automated bidding. The emails are causing a lot of unnecessary worry and concern for AdWords clients because the way they are written are rather misleading – it’s leading many people to believe that this is a required update that they have refused to make to the account.

This is the email that is being sent to account-holders:

“This is Rohit, your Google Ads Account Manager tried reaching your Agency to provide the important updates missing in the account.

They have denied to take down the update which might affect your performance.

I request you to call me at the number given or schedule some time by clicking the link below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.”

However, automated bidding is a completely optional update. By suggesting that a business’s ad performance could be impacted without a change that isn’t even mandatory, businesses owners could panic to make the change – or if they’ve hired an agency to manage their ads, these emails could lead to clients losing faith in the marketing agency that they’ve hired.

Ultimately, this is an aggressive and deceptive strategy by Google to convince AdWords account holders to switch to automated bidding, which isn’t necessarily in their best interest.

Business owners and marketing agencies alike should be on the lookout for these emails and new outsourcers hired by Google. We recommend that business owners forward any emails like these directly to their marketing agency.

Got any other questions about Google AdWords or this update? Call our marketing team today at (800) 764-8528 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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