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Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Not sure what an SSL Certificate is or how to tell if your website has one? Check out our previous blog post: What is an SSL Certificate? here.

According to Google, ALL information submitted through your website should be secured with an SSL Certificate. Over half of the websites on the web utilize an SSL Certificate to safeguard their traffic.* When using Google Chrome, you may have noticed the “Not Secure” label in the location bar. Google is now applying this label to any website without an SSL Certificate. In the past, you may have thought your website didn’t need an SSL Certificate because it doesn’t collect data from users. However, now that Google is recommending it for all websites and also applying a warning to sites without it, it’s very important to ensure you have an SSL Certificate for your website.

Some of the benefits to putting an SSL Certificate on your website:

  • Keeps Data Safe: When a user on your website submits a contact form, credit card information or logs in, an SSL Certificate keeps their information secure.
  • Improves Your Google Ranking: When Google calculates where in the search results your website should land, it takes into to consideration whether or not you have an SSL Certificate.
  • Let Users Know They Can Trust Your Site: When a visitor to your website sees that you have an SSL Certificate, they can be confident that any data they provide is secure. An SSL Certificate gives a higher credibility to your website.

Protect the visitors of your website before asking them for any information about themselves. They will appreciate knowing you take their security seriously. Contact us today by filling out the form below or calling (800) 764-8528 to obtain an SSL certificate to your website.


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