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If you were a really big fan of Klout, then this past week was probably a sad week for you.

För att lösa frågan: hur man ökar potensen används flera verkningsriktningar på den manliga på den här webben kroppen för att normalisera den naturliga potensnivån:

The social scoring service that ranked people on their online influence announced a few weeks that the platform was shutting down, marking May 25, 2018 as its final day (which, suspiciously is the same day GDPR went into effect.) Lithium Technologies, its parent company, suggested that Klout did not fit their future product roadmap.

So, now what? If you were trying to brand yourself online as a thought leader or expert on a particular topic, what choices do you have now to measure your impact? Luckily, Klout wasn’t the only tool on the market for measuring influence, and while it was easy to understand, it also wasn’t the most robust in terms of features.

Read our article on for more tools that can provide the same — if not more — of the kind of features you miss from Klout.

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