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10 Things Every Website Should Have

Branded Image

Every component of your business needs to reside under a single umbrella. That means it is especially important to portray the same message across print, web, and social media platforms. Make sure your website reflects the same look and feel as your business card, stationary, and current marketing designs — especially logo colors and style. Go ahead and customize your social media backgrounds so visitors can be confident it’s you. A consistent brand image across print, web, and social media platforms will not only help you get organized, it will allow new and existing customers to become more familiar with your brand and what it stands for.

Free Information

Everyone loves FREE stuff, so don’t be afraid to offer free information because it gives visitors an incentive to keep coming back for more. Free information could be anything from a free report, free newsletter, free online special, or a free gift.

Online Database

If you don’t capture basic information from your online visitors how will you ever be able to nurture that relationship? If you don’t already have the ability to easily capture visitor information (at minimum first and last name, and email address), then there is no telling how much potential business you are missing out on.

Automated Email System

After visitors enter their information in a lead capture box, it is important that they get an immediate response from you. Our “Email Scheduler” allows you to automatically send electronic information to your database, such as free information, newsletter, updates, products and service reminders and more.

Automated Opt-in or Opt-out System

If you are going to have an automated system you also need an “unsubscribe system”, one that actually works, so that people can be taken off of emails if desired. Not giving people the option to opt out always does more damage than good.

Ability to Easily Change Information on Website Instantaneous

Content management systems make it quick and easy for you to monitor your website without having to hire a web developer or use any type of software. With a content management system like EZ Website Manager you should be able to change content, pictures, and any other information you require instantaneously.

Tells a Good Story

Your website should not only tell a clear story about what your company does, but it should also spark their interest and differentiate you from your competitors.

Easy Navigation

When it comes to website navigation Steve Krug says it best, “Don’t make me think.” If people can’t easily find what they are looking for and have to click more than 2 times to get to where they are going, you have lost them.

Minimal Content

The average visitor spends 10 seconds or less per page, so you need to be short, sweet and to the point. That is why often times “Less is More.”

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