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Save your website from getting hacked or worse, and keep all of your pages
updated with your most recent content without lifting a finger!

Regular website maintenance is vital in order to keep your site protected and secure. Unfortunately, we live in an age of hundreds of security risks a day, and protecting your website isn’t as simple as pressing a button. But with a whole maintenance team behind your back, you don’t have to do a thing!


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Perform updates and backups to
secure and protect your site

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Add and delete pages with your
most recent content

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Upload blog posts and articles,
pictures, calendar events,
products, testimonials, and more

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Add forms with security
CAPTCHAs for extra protection

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And any other changes you need!

What’s more, our typical turnaround time is just 24-48 business hours depending on complexity of changes.

Affordable Website Maintenance Services

Month (Back up plan)

Total monthly Value: $89 (SAVE OVER 55%)

Standard* Most popular
Month (One hour of updates monthly)

Total monthly Value: $289 (SAVE OVER 73%)

Month (Two hours of updates monthly)

Total monthly Value: $414 (SAVE OVER 62%)


Feel free to ask any questions.