EZ Website Manager

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Are you tired relying on others to make minor changes to your website? We recommend saving money on web site development by skipping the developer and doing it yourself with EZ Website Manager. Our content management system (CMS) allows you to update your website in about the same amount of time it would take to email changes to your developer and it’s just as easy!

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EZ Website Manager comes with a standard rich text editor, but there are a variety of modules you can add to extend the functionality of your solution.

  • Grow your website and move new pages with our easy Expandable Pages Module.
  • Sell online by managing product categories, products, customers, and orders with our Shopping Cart Module for easy ecommerce web site development.
  • Showcase key employees with The Team Module.
  • Easily sort through freaquently asked questions with the FAQ Module.
  • Effectively market you events with the Events Module.
  • Collect testimonials audio and text Rave Reviews Module.
  • Display your work with either the Simple or Advanced Photo Gallery Module.
  • Allow visitors to download articles or use articles to boost your search engine optimization at a low cost with the Articles Module.
  • Use customized fields on contact for with the Contact Us Module.
  • Save a step! Manage your email marketing right inside your CMS with Email Scheduler Module.
  • Use easy drag and drop widgets to drive prospects to a specific page with our Landing Page Creator Module.
  • Engage beyond your website with the Social Networking Module. Social media for companies is quickly becoming indispensable. Don’t get left behind!
  • Collect visitor contact information so you can follow up with the opt-in Lead Capture Module.
  • Generate and track website traffic with the do it yourself  SEO Module.

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