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Special Offer 1

Social Media Marketing Class

Valued at $795

$195 For a Limited Time as an Individual Purchase

Build your brand and generate leads on social networking sites! Get access to 8 comprehensive on-demand video sessions designed to help you navigate the social media world and leverage it to enhance your prospect leads, sales, and customer service experience. We will discuss YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, and SEO strategy so you can make the most of these opportunities to grow your business! Learn more about this class.

Special Offer 2

Website Audit

Valued at $249

$99 as an individual purchase

In our video training series, we talk about driving people back to your website. But what if your website isn’t working?  No one is visiting. No one is converting into a customer. Maybe you know it’s not working, but you’re not sure why.

LET US HELP! Our marketing experts each have about 20 years of experience and a carefully trained eye for what works and what hurts your online presence.

A website audit is a low cost, low risk way to get professional advice on how to improve your website. We’ll provide a written report that helps you understand:

  • Navigational Flow / Usability
  • Professionalism of “Look and Feel”
  • Top-Level Content Review
  • Lead Generation Triggers and
  • Search Engine Optimization
Special Offer 3

Best Deal of All! Combo Package

Web Audit & Social Media Class

Valued at $948

Only $199 When

Purchased Together!!!