Social Media

Social Media Marketing / Social Networking Training

Learn how to develop and implement a strategy to use the most popular social networking sites to engage your customers, grow your business, and harness the power of social media for SEO. At The Art on Online Marketing we offer a step-by-step training on how to set up accounts and applications for the social networking sites, as well as shorter, separately recorded tutorials to watch at your convenience

  • Session 1 – Developing Your Social Media Strategy
  • Session 2 – Capturing and Converting Leads
  • Session 3 – Facebook for Business
  • Session 4 – Twitter for Business
  • Session 5 – LinkedIn, Plaxo, Social Bookmarking
  • Session 6 – Blogging for Business
  • Session 7 – Optimizing Content using Videos, Photos, & SEO Basics

All sessions include examples, work sheets, and home work to help make sure you are applying what you learn, building a foundation for the next step, and ultimately becoming a successful online marketer!

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