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Video for Marketing

3 ways to awesome-ize your website!

Mobile websites are still HOT, and only getting hotter, so we hope you have made the switch to a responsive or mobile-friendly website. If not, we suggest you make that your first priority. (And of course we can help!) But that aside, what if you want to be even
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Your Video Marketing Strategy

If video marketing isn’t part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to make some changes to your marketing plan. By 2013 90% of internet searches with be video based. So if you are not utilizing video marketing then your products and services could be passed up almost 90% of the
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Video Marketing & SEO

An example of an up-and-coming SEO game-changer is the incorporation and optimization of video marketing. Forbes Magazine calls video “search-engine cat nip,” because nearly half of all search results display videos content on the first page. Ironically, however, only about 1% of your competitors is likely have a video marketing
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