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3 ways to awesome-ize your website!

Mobile websites are still HOT, and only getting hotter, so we hope you have made the switch to a responsive or mobile-friendly website. If not, we suggest you make that your first priority. (And of course we can help!) But that aside, what if you want to be even
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Getting Started: It’s OK To Be Terrible

It’s OK to be embarrassingly BAD at it… Really. We all think our natural talent should shine through the first time we do something. I wish….but life doesn’t work like that. I’ve been continually pushing myself out of my comfort zone this summer. I’m finding there are SO many things I’m embarrassingly
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WIN A $1500 Website Or Website Upgrade

This year we decided to do something fun for the holidays and give away a free website to a deserving small business or nonprofit. We’re calling it the Art of Online Marketing Holiday Website Contest and anyone is eligible. For a chance to win a $1,500 website or website upgrade, simply
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