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Motiongraphic: Mind-blowing social media facts to know in 2014

We are almost halfway through 2014 and social media shows no sign of slowing down. If you’re not already actively tweeting or posting to Facebook, you’ll need to get your business on there now before you’re too late to the party. It’s easier to jump in while it’s hot, because
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3 ways to convince someone to get into social media

We all know at least a few people who refuse to participate in social media. And while everyone has their reasons why they prefer not to, there are plenty more reasons TO do it, especially if you own a business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate ladder-climber, being active
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Ways to take advantage of Twitter’s photo tagging feature

Last week, the micro-blogging platform announced two new features that will delight avid Twitter users — one will allow you to tag up to 10 Twitter accounts in a photo, and the other will allow up to four photos in one tweet. Sure, these features has been around on other
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Leaving LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a great business networking and lead generation tool, BUT sometimes you need to pare down what’s not working. You can only join 50 LinkedIn Groups at one time…and can be difficult to figure out how to leave. Watch this 1-minute video to learn how to leave LinkedIn Groups.
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Facebook and Cancer

Facebook is very public, yet often people share very private details of their lives on Facebook.  What people decide to share about their own lives is their choice.  They may suffer the consequence of over-sharing, but it is their choice.
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